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Dietetics in Health Care Communities
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Chair Message – Mary Rybicki, MS, RDN, LDNRybicki

Welcome to Dietetics in Health Care Communities (DHCC)!

DHCC is the premier DPG for RDNs serving post-acute care and corrections. We are one of the oldest Dietetic Practice Groups (DPG), established in 1975.  The DPG was formerly CD-HCF (Consultant Dietitians in Healthcare Facilities) and updated our name in 2009 to betterreflect the eclectic practice areas of the members.

Just as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is working on Second Century initiatives to elevate our profession and expand our reach in the future, DHCC is working on the same.  As the healthcare industry evolves, DHCC strives toward meeting the needs of a growing elderly population, undernutrition and burgeoning chronic disease within our expertise of post-acute care and corrections. 

Our mission is to empower DHCC members to be the nation’s food and nutrition leaders.  DHCC endeavors to meet that mission with member services outlined below.

Professional Development

  • Providing members with the latest information in the quarterly newsletter Connections, webinars, publications.
  • As a DHCC member, you can receive up to 2 CPEUs in each Connections which is also archived in electronic format for members on the website. 
  • CPEUs through webinars which are normally free to members and archived for one year on the website. 
  • A variety of publications both in hard copy and electronic formats.    Review the topics under the Online Store tab on the website.  Look for our newest update, Nutrition Care of the Older Adult which is published by the Academy in conjunction with DHCC.  Also, a new edition of the Pocket Resource for Nutrition Assessment in 2017!


  • DHCC has a very active electronic mailing list (EML) and you are invited to join.  Each subunit has an EML open to all DHCC members.  Click on the Resources tab of the website and choose “Join EML” to register. 
  • DHCC is active on social media, via Facebook and LinkedIn.

Opportunities for Members

  • Awards and Scholarships for members.  Applications are available on the website (click on the About tab and choose Awards). The Best Practice Award and the Gaylord Jensen Stipend are available at any time to members.  Information and applications are on the website. 
  • Opportunities for members to become involved in areas such as professional development, membership, newsletter and public policy. 
  • We encourage students to join and volunteer for a committee or other assignment. A list of the DHCC Officers’ contact information is available on the website.  Contact the person representing your area of interest or me directly for more information on volunteer opportunities.

I look forward to serving this year.

Mary Rybicki, MS, RDN, LDN

Chair 2017-2018