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Dietetics in Health Care Communities
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Welcome to Dietetics in Health Care Communities (DHCC) Website!


DHCC is a group of dietitians and dietetic technicians serving post-acute care and corrections. Established in 1975, we are one of the first DPGs in the Academy. As the healthcare industry evolves, DHCC strives toward meeting the needs of a growing elderly population, undernutrition and burgeoning chronic disease within our expertise of post-acute care and corrections.
Our mission is to empower DHCC members to be the nation’s food and nutrition leaders. We strive to provide tools that support our members in meeting the mission as we serve the senior population.

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The Reform of Requirements for Long-Term Care Facilities Final Rule


Phase 2_F-tag_Crosswalk

State Operations Manual - Guidance to Surveyors for LTC Facilities

Welcome to DTP DPG members!

Beginning in June 2018, the DTP community joined forces with DHCC DPG as a Sub-unit, Dietetic Technicians.

The Dietetic Technicians Sub-unit continues to advocate for DTRs/NDTRs, providing education about scope of practice and opportunities to network while also contributing to the overall goals of DHCC.

Corinne Worland, BS, NDTR, is the Dietetic Technicians Sub-unit Chair.